Tools needed for opal mining

Tools are available for purchase or rental in the Opal Shop. However, most people prefer to bring their own. Here is a list of what you might need:

  • Long handled, sharp pointed pick (Estwing Hoe Pick), rock pick, shovel, or garden rake
  • Screwdriver #2 , 8 inch long blade ground to point, Ice pick (or similar tools)
  • Small bucket-like container, plastic container and ziplock bags.
  • Gloves!! Water squirt bottle, kneeling pad or carpet sample is good, hat and sunscreen.

No mechanical tools are allowed

Tools for Rent

If you need more tools than you brought, our Gift Shop offers a LIMITED QUANTITY of the following tools for rent:

Item Day rate
Picks $5
Shovels $2
Rakes $2

Note: Our rental picks are not Estwing models. However, we do offer Estwing picks for sale in our gift shop. There are two types of Estwing picks. One is a small rock pick and the other Estwing is a long-handled pick. Both are important in bank and tailings.

New Safety Gear Required

All bank diggers are required to use safety toe shoes or shoe covers, hard hats, and safety glasses.

Available Tools

If you need more tools than you brought, our Gift Shop has a LIMITED QUANTITY of loaner tools available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Heads or Tails?

Heads or tails?
While the head banks sometimes produce larger specimens, large opals have been found in the tailings that were overlooked by bank diggers, or pushed out with the backhoe.

Come Prepared!

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