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Mine Your Own Opals
All you find are yours to keep
About Opal Mining
The Royal Peacock Opal Mine has yielded such treasures as Freda's Log (pictured), "the Shoe", and the 130-pound Gingko Log, one of the largest opals ever found anywhere in the world.
About Opal Mining
It Took 14 Million Years
for Mother Nature to make a Virgin Valley black opal. It was worth the wait.
About Opal Mining
King of the Hill
The late Harry W. Wilson oversaw opal mine production site for many, many years
Royal Peacock History
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All You Find Are Yours to Keep

Since 1981, the Royal Peacock Opal Mines have been open to the public for fee digging. The hills have yielded countless world-class precious opal specimens during that time. We are a family-run operation working hard to provide the best experience for families and treasure-hunters alike. We offer an 18-spot RV park with shower house and laundry, dry camping spots, and several furnished lodging. Digging options include bank digging and sifting through tailings. Due to the secluded location, we are blessed to offer wifi, drinks, ice, ice cream, and snacks through our gift shop.

Gift Shop

The Royal Peacock is the only opal mine in the Virgin Valley offering a full-service gift shop. In addition to cool drinks, snacks, and sundries, we sell tools, firewood, and other basic supplies. The shop also offers a wide assortment of opals, jewelry, and other collectibles.

The shop also serves as the office. Please check in at the Gift Shop first if you wish to mine for opals, set up camp, or rent an RV space or cabin. The Gift Shop is open daily, in season, from 7:30AM to 4:30PM.  We accept cash and all major card companies. There is a fee to use debit or credit cards.

Moss and Fluorescent Opal

The Gift Shop sells moss and fluorescent opal specimens by the pound.

Moss opal is typically opaque, and lacking the vivid play of colors that characterizes precious opal. Its appeal comes from dark green, moss-like inclusions. It is popular among jewelry makers, who use it in pendants, earrings, and pins. Opal is the birthstone of those born in October.

As its name suggests, fluorescent opal fluoresces green when viewed under black light. The Royal Peacock is the world’s only known source of fluorescent opal.

Cut/polished opals and jewelry

The gift shop specializes in spectacular wire-wrap jewelry. Some of it is made by Jake Anderson, a fourth-generation member of the Wilson family.

What a find! This gal walked away with SEVERAL large opalized logs!"
What a find! This gal walked away with SEVERAL large opalized logs!!
Jake & Cassie Anderson
Jake & Cassie Anderson
Cassie, Baby Sterling, Jake, and Julie
Cassie, Baby Sterling, Jake, and Julie
Cassie and Julie in the Gift Shop
Cassie and Julie in the Gift Shop



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